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The MSS team consists of experienced and driven individuals who possess a proven track record in the security industry. MSS has gained the respect and praise of numerous and diverse clients throughout the region MSS is constantly pursuing excellence in the protection and security field.

MSS instills a can-do attitude and open-door policy towards clients, enabling the company to provide the best solutions at the most competitive of costs.

By choosing MSS to provide your security, you can focus on company specific goals, safe in the knowledge that your people and assets are mitigated from risk.

Explore MSS serivces portfolio below :

Security Guards

MSS can protect your site with highly trained, properly licenced security guards with exceptional quality management skills.

Site Supervisors

MSS can provide site supervisors, to ensure the operations of your job site, serving as the security coordinator at whatever level you deem necessary.

Security Drivers

MSS security driving personnel achieved international standard qualification for both offensive and defensive driving enforcing highiest level of securty on every step of your journey.

Close Protection Officers

Close protection officers are contracted where there is a threat or potential threat to an individual's or group of individuals' safety.

Project Managers

MSS dedicated project management approach has proven its efficiency to conduct large scale deployment. MSS can provide a highly qualified, contracted project manager, to ensure the operations of your job site.

Intervention Teams

MSS’s Monitoring and Intervention Team (MIT) stands on high alert 24/7, monitoring early warning signs or disruptive behavior, intervening before anything becomes a problem.

Roving Patrols

MSS can provide Roving Patrols 24/7 all around your premises, detering threats on the ground and/or network intelligence breaches.

Escort Teams

MSS can arrange specific escort vehicles and trained personnel ensure your close-to-action support in any areas, venues or locations.

VIP Transportation

MSS can arrange professional transportation and luxury ‘door to door’ service for very important people (VIP), whether staff or visiting persons who may need extra protection.

Travel coordination

Our Travel Department will provide you peace of mind during your journey providing a single point of contact for all your needs.

Meet and Greet

Enjoy a hassle-free arrival, assistance with your luggage, and most importantly, a fast-track through facility formalities.


MSS can provide exceptional concierge and security services for upscale residential and commercial complexes.

Armored vehicles

MSS’s armored vehicle fleet is deployed on demand to ensure the highest level of security for ground transportation.

AIT/CIT Valuables Transportation

MSS Assets or Cash in Transit (AIT/CIT) armoured vehicles are vaults on wheels, staffed by dedicated, vetted professionals security and firearms trained.

Medical Evacuation

MSS works with the main national and international insurance companies to ensure an immediate evacuation in cases of dire medical need in west African region.

Car Rental

We offer a large choice of vehicle for rent combined with security drivers service, tracking, and intervention service.

Itinerary Coordination

Let MSS handle route planning and navigating busy hazardous roads while you focus on your business.

Travel Risk Evaluation

MSS can provide a risk evaluation during security threats to travelers in the sub saharan region, providing the assistance needed to maintain your travel safety.

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