Manned Security



Mobile Security

Our Mobile security services offer but limited to: Roving Patrols, Intervention  and Escort Teams.

MIT operators are trained in first responder techniques, first aid, basic firefighting and other security skills. They are on duty 24 hours a day and due to the number of teams and vehicles cover a wide area.

MIT are alerted either by the guards on site or an electronic alarm system monitored by the control room and also patrol contributing locations using radios, registers and the MSS GFU system as a means of control

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Journey Management

Our Journey Management services offer but limited to: VIP Transportation, Travel coordination, Meet and Greet, Guest House, Consierge.

Our Travel Department combined with our secured Guest houses and consiege service will provide you peace of mind during your journey. Door to door service with multilang personnel ensures a quick, seamless and secure passage from arrival until departure.

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Secure Logistics

Our Secure Lorgistics services offer but limited to: CIT & Valuables Transportation, Medical Evacuation, Car Rental, Armored vehicles.

MSS Armoured vehicles are vaults on wheels, staffed by dedicated, vetted professionals possessing security and firearms training. Advanced methods in secure logistics, communications + satellite tracking systems enhance our reputation of safety, security and customer service.

Backed with comprehensive protection covering loss anywhere we do business. MSS CIT services deliver tangible benefits, such as lowered risk exposure, cost savings, solid business reputation and ultimately greater peace of mind.

Our secure logistics for precious metals/minerals offer similar benefits and our delivery to refinery option takes the headache out of moving your bullion through volatile areas with full liability for every shipment we handle.

Medical Evacuation: Our partnership with Canarias Island based Company Serair offer us the possibility to operate In Africa and Europe seamlessly for not only for VIP air charter but also for Medevac Internationaly.

Car Rental: Our fleet of soft skins and armored vehicles provides our client the flexibility and comfort of cities roads jungle. Driven by our trained security drivers we offer a talor made service base on you fine requerments.

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Risk Assessment

Information gathering on security threats to travelers while traveling on the road between several points of the designated area, we assess the risks for travel with or without armed escorts with a risk feasibility assessment, and provide detailed recommendations on security mitigations measures required specifically when traveling on the road.

Venue risk assessment: The outer perimeter, the interior of the venue including open spaces, location of front desk, rooms; parking, including fire safety measures in place, evacuation routes, front door, windows security measures (locks).

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