About Us

MSS Security (part of the MSS/PHOENIX GROUP) is one of the market leaders in its field, with offices in Dubai,USA and operating throughout Mauritania, Niger, Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso, and Guinea. With more than 2,500 employees, we cover all market segments.

Since its inception, MSS has been a leader in its field, providing security to our clients throughout West Africa, we cover the full spectrum of security services including, but not limited to: industrial/residential guards, embassy security, escort services, close protection duties of VIP’s, armed intervention teams, and secure logistics.

Beginning as a security provider to the gold industry in 2005, MSS Security has grown to become the leading provider of specialist high value security and transport services in West Africa. Now the largest subcontractor to Brinks in the region, MSS has built our entire business and reputation on trust and transparency.

Learning and understanding client needs and concerns has allowed MSS to grow alongside some of the biggest names in the nation.

MSS is entrusted by some of the largest corporations in the world to protect their people and assets. In 2018, MSS safely transported 6 billion dollars worth of gold without a single loss incident reported.

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Meet our Team

Our Management Team is devoted to their duties and happy to assist you with maximum flexibility and reactivity.

Yacoub Sidya

Founder & CEO

Yacoub is able to achieve the perfect balance between developing communities and industry in Africa, through job creation via his business ventures.

Constant Vitous

MSS Senegal GM

Tarik Benziad

Chief Logistics Manager

Sarah Boide

MSS Mauritania GM

Dave Cunliffe

Regional Security Manager

Demba Kaloga

MSS Guinea GM
Our History

MSS is founded in Mauritania with 46 employees.


MSS becomes the largest private sector employer in Mauritania with 3,000 staff.


MSS begins Operations in Burkina Faso.


MSS Begins operation in Mali, Guinea and Niger


MSS safely transports 3 billion dollars worth of gold in West Africa to its destination.


MSS opens its hub office in Dubaï Silicon Oasis buisiness center.


MSS safely transports another 6 billion dollars worth of gold in West Africa to its destination.


MSS advances their first female General Manager leading Mauritania operations.

Our Expertise

       15 Years Experience

MSS’s experience is what sets the company apart from competitors.

MSS has successfully navigated extremely challenging circumstances in West Africa for the past 15 years. Remote difficulties, cultural differences, you name it, MSS has overcome the adversity. MSS knows that every physical and technical proposal needs to be custom made and project-specific.

           24/7 Constant Support

With a 24/7 Central Operation Center with fall back capacity, MSS provides a unique support service to all of its clients. Roving patrols and interventions teams are maintaining a web on the ground. Available via phone, email or Whatsapp, MSS accompanies its client from door to door.

           Latest Equipments

MSS uses the most cutting edge equipment, and diagnoses each situation using our local experience to select the most appropriate tools for the mission. MSS has become a well-known, local consulting company because of deep experience and because of advanced technology and equipment.

           Qualified Personnel

The quality you’ll receive from MSS is because of a strong cornerstone in MSS employee training. It is the key to our strategic quality service offering.  Project managers and supervisors conduct mandatory, daily, on-site training and briefings.

In addition, bi-annual training is conducted by our in-house senior training staff to concentrate on specific skills, allowing us to maintain internal competitive spirit for all employees.

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